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Heiche US Surface TechnologiesWe chose Walker County because we see a huge potential for development. Proximity to the biggest players in the automotive industry, hospitality of the local authorities, great infrastructure and people. We immediately felt at home here.

Juergen Werner, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions - KAP Surface Technologies

Yorozu Logo Small.png

Yorozu Automotive AlabamaYorozu considered several potential locations in Georgia and Alabama for our new plant in the South. During the lengthy research of possible sites we met with David Knight from the Walker County Development Authority. The Development Authority was a key component in the final decision to build in Walker County. They, along with the City of Jasper, fully supported Yorozu during the pre-construction and construction phases. That support and assistance continues just as strongly now that our plant is in operation.

Reuben Byrom, Sr. Vice President 

The Walker County Development Authority provides information and assistance to company's interested in locating or expanding in Walker County, Alabama.

Central States Manufacturing - Our decision to open a manufacturing facility in Walker County in 2006 turned out to be a great one. Our company has great relationships with the Walker County Development Authority and the city of Jasper. We have been able to staff our location with employee-owners who are hard working, proud and dependable.

Scott Watson, Managing Director

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DAPA Products - The continuous efforts of the Walker County Development Authority and the City of Jasper to grow and improve the business climate in the area have been extremely beneficial to DAPA Products and our workforce. Strong community support has been one of the keys to our success.

Hubert Thomas, General Manager

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